Thank you for your interest in Protexgloves. Protexgloves are the result of more than a decade of glove-making experience by the revolutionary glove-makers at Foxgloves. Foxgloves has been reinventing gloves for gardeners and other outdoor enthusiasts since 1999.

As a professional horticulturist Harriet Zbikowski spent day after day in the sun, hands in the soil. There wasn’t a glove available that offered both protection and bare handed sensitivity. Thus began Harriet’s quest to produce a tactile friendly glove, which led to the development of Foxgloves.

Responding to requests from Foxgloves users with chronic health issues, the Foxgloves founder and designer was inspired to launch the new Protexgloves line. "When I began to hear from people who were using Foxgloves not just to garden, but to relieve the pain caused by serious health issues, I was moved by their stories," Harriet explained. "So I decided to create a glove that would simultaneously offer protection and help to normalize day to day activities."

Protexgloves combines classic style with modern performance fabrics. The result is a glove that fits snugly and provides excellent sun protection, exceptional sensitivity, soothing comfort and superior durability.